Friday, June 3, 2011

Birds and Snow Balls

Welcome! Will you join me for a cup of tea while we sit in the library?

Today, everyone is here for breakfast: the Stellar's jay, the scrub jay, the northern flicker woodpecker and the little dark-eyed junco. Did you know there is a certain junco race called Oregon race? That's what you can learn in a bird book. (Smile) Even the European starlings are here. Seems they’re all here except the robins, but when the word gets out, the robins will probably show up too.

Do you take time to relax and watch the birds in your yard? Move a comfortable chair to a big window and sit a spell, then you can enjoy discovering the many curious habits of our feathered friends. I used to think bird watchers were “different” people, but they're not. They're just like Jeannine and myself!

Someone or some bird must have given the signal because while I was writing, all the birds instantly disappeared.

In my personal garden of Eden I have snowballs the size of baseballs. I'd rather enjoy them instead of the baseball-size hail that fell in Texas recently. Do you ever wonder why people live in Tornado Alley? When they have a storm, they run for cover; however, when we have a storm in Oregon, we run to the window and say, “Wow!” Wherever you and your family live, I hope you are safe today.

Money talks. Chocolate sings. Beautifully!