Saturday, September 17, 2011

What Do You Drink?

Waiting my turn for the cold surgery room, my nurse and I discussed water and its importance for our body's health. “How much water do you drink?” My answer embarrassed me and surprised her. She responded with “That's all?” Since all fluids end up in my bladder and I was there for bladder cancer surgery, I needed to consider water intake seriously, rethink my habits and make serious changes.

Water is available in many different styles: carbonated, colored, or flavored. Sweetened, enriched or plain. In Russia, we accidentally bought warm carbonated water. If you weren't sick before, you certainly would be on the verge after drinking this surprise.

My friend Jewel likes water on ice, cousin Barbara liked it hot, flavored with lemon. I prefer hot water with my favorite caffeinated green tea pearls steeped for five minutes. Sadly, those days of caffeine are becoming fewer at my house.

Since I must quadruple my intake, I investigated all benefits of drinking water. I needed an enticement. I knew the main advantage, but I must find a stronger incentive, a way for water to make me look younger and more beautiful. After serious thought, I found my motivation, a fountain of youth – the straw. Not a fat straw, but a skinny straw. I call my method “pressure sucking”. I can drink a tall glass of water using a thin straw in fifty-nine seconds flat. It is important to suck correctly. Suck with a smile, don't pucker your lips or you will create more lines above your lip and look older.

Do you think Dr. Oz will invite me as a guest on his show after he reads my blog? Maybe I will make a YouTube video demonstrating my patented straw method. I can see the close-up view now and saying, like the TV commercial, “I'm seventy years old, can you believe it?”

Here's to you!

Your friend, Juanita 
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