Saturday, October 8, 2011

Smell of Smoke Fills the Air

A Happy Autumn Day to you.

Last week I discussed the difference between autumn and fall. My dictionary describes the autumn of life as the early stages of decline. Well, I resisted this scarey thought immediately. I'm not brave enough to read how it explains the cold winter of our lives. Carolyn, be faithful to Curves and I'll walk more miles.

As I sit in my cozy library reading and meditating on God's Word, I see my six-foot tall sunflowers along our neighbor's barn wall bowing their heads. Looking weary with age and heavy with moisture, they barely stand up straight. Their days are numbered, but spring will return and more seeds will be planted and again produce beauty to behold from my window.

Back yard burning season has begun and my husband is so excited to burn three huge piles of clippings. Today's his day to be a kid and I'm the mother, “Don't burn your hedge again, keep the garden hose handy.”

He owned a rusty backhoe for years, but recently sold it with an agreement he may borrow the machine when needed. He uses this “toy” to move and flatten the pile of brush for a complete burn. He usually drives to get it, but today he walked! Am I proud or what? I'm not sure which is more exciting for him: operating a large backhoe or building a huge, red-hot fire.

I'm showing you a close-up of last year's burning bush. We planted five such bushes and they're now just starting to 'burn' with red autumn colors. The official name is dwarf burning bush euonymus, but don't let this name fool you because they grow to ten feet tall at maturity. 

Let's go for a walk and enjoy the colors of the season.