Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Week That Was

Welcome to my library on this last day of 2011!

This week: Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and moving my mother.

We had a restful Christmas Day, skipped church, and then drove all over town looking for a nice place for lunch. All our favorite restaurants were closed, but their employees deserved a holiday too. My husband and I plus half the town of Springfield found Elmer's open and enjoyed their Christmas special.

A few of you know my mother Alice. I'd appreciate your prayers as she adjusts to her new home. Well, actually, she is not trying to adjust. She wants to move back to her apartment where she lived for twenty-nine years. Based on this length of time, I'm sure you can visualize the treasures and 'stuff' my sister and I uncovered as we cleaned her apartment. I'm thankful her new home is down the street from me. I know the staff will take good care of Mother and she will have fewer decisions to make. She loves walking, so I'll get more exercise this new year.

New Year's Eve means I finish the book of Revelation and the next day I begin with Genesis again. I love reading the Bible through every year. Will you join me? You're always invited to tea in the library as we share 'bread' as secret Christians in China call their most treasured book, the Bible.

I sincerely wish you all a New Year filled with meaningful relationships and contentment.

Love, Juanita

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