Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Treasures of this Life

Dear Friends,

As the weather turns colder, the red twig dogwood becomes a more vibrant red. What a sharp contrast sparkling snow would make, but I see only heavy frost this morning. I wish I had planted a long row of them instead of one lone bush. Am I visualizing another spring project?

I finished one challenging project this week. Janice and I had the task of removing every item from Mother's apartment, down to the last bobby pin. We were reminded once again how organized she was, how she loved to decorate for every holiday, and what books she loved to read over and over again (she dated them).

I believed she possessed enough clothes to wear a different outfit for a year. She saved family pictures, letters and travel postcards in a collectible fashion. Can you visualize fifty-three three-ring notebooks in chronological order?

The mail order companies are going to miss Mother's business.

Moving Mother was a sad experience, but my sister and I have pleasant memories of seeing the old pictures again and talking about those days. Many times the conversation would go, “You can have this.” “No, you can have it.” We laughed as we tried to convince the other why the treasure was a keeper. I am the proud owner of the yard stick labeled F. W. Woolworth. Mother worked there about twenty-three years.

Of all the 'things' Mother collected, we were especially thankful that she collected silver coins. We made the coin dealer happy, too.

My mind and body are feeling my age today, but now I'm inspired to take inventory of my own possessions and help lighten the load for our sons and daughters-in-law in the future. I'll look down and smile as they try to decide who gets my bobby pins.

Sincerely, Juanita
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