Friday, January 10, 2014

Up, Up and Away

The yellow china teapot holds a few more servings. Join me with my second cup. If you had arrived earlier, together we could have observed a couple mourning doves. I call them moaning doves. They sing such a sad song, don't you agree?

A pair of Eurasian collared doves flew into our red horse chestnut tree. They're not aggressive like blue jays. The doves sat patiently on a branch above the bird feeder, waiting their turn at the seeds my husband provides for bird treats. The doves feasted on their meal, then spread their wide white wings, flew up, and then away to a tall fir tree. I enjoy watching their unusual drift straight up, takeoff flight. If they had stayed longer, I'd have a picture to show you. Actually, I wasn't thinking quick enough. The hour is kind of early in the day.

As I read Matthew 6 this morning, I discovered our Lord's favorite flower. He said field lilies were more beautiful than all of Solomon's glory of gold, fabrics and wisdom. My calendar shows it's too early to anticipate spring flowers. But thinking about them doesn't hurt, even if my husband does say I think too much.

Spring waits around the next corner! My dahlias say so. One inch of stem shows above the ground right now.

Happy Birthday to Jeannine and Shirley!