Saturday, February 26, 2011

Floats and Flowers

Tea time!   The water's boiling!  Speaking of hot water, we were at Belknap Springs this week.  The water was very hot, but a lovely place to visit especially when there are flowers to enjoy in the summer.

The weather man was correct this time. I woke up to snow on Thursday! How beautiful to watch the giant flakes drift down as I sat in the library, but I know it will not last long. It is getting brighter outside now, so maybe that is the end of the snow.  I was raised in snow country, but I prefer to watch it instead of be in it.
As the dried leaves fell off the Star Magnolia tree last fall, the flowers buds of the white spring flowers appeared immediately. I have enjoyed them all winter. The flower buds are covered with long hairs, but to me they look like giant pussies on a pussy willow tree. I can see this small tree from my library window. As I am relaxing in the library today, the buds look much bigger. It is not my favorite tree, but it speaks to me of the future. The flowers buds say, “Spring will come in spite of the seemingly long, cold winter.” It has been saying it every day this winter. Very encouraging!

This reminds me of all the promises of God that we have in the Bible. They are completely dependable just as spring follows winter. Keep your faith – the reward is great!

Just past this magnolia tree, I can see the bank of the meandering stream which empties into the fish pond. Just as some of us like to decorate our homes with art, I like to do the same in my garden. On this bank of the stream, I have placed the two large Japanese glass floats. They are the size of basketballs, so I can plainly see them from my library window. One is olive green, the other is bright aqua blue. You should see the blue one when the sun shines on it! In the summer, they are in the pond, floating around with the current.  I can barely see them from the library. When I took them out of the pond and cleaned them this winter, I decided to display the balls instead of storing them in the pump house. What a brilliant idea – now I can enjoy them all year. Can you guess where I put the five little ones for the winter? No, they are floating in the stone birdbath near the library #2 that I told you about last week.

The large olive green float mysteriously appeared in the pond about three years ago. We had put them all away for the winter and suddenly, there was one more floating around the pond. It was about a week later before our neighbor, Scott, said he wanted to give his float a new home. What a blessing!

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See you next week!