Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Desire

Good morning.

This is a beautiful morning for visiting with my heavenly Father in the library. Every morning is – rain or shine. Oh, I wish everyone honored and respected His name.

I possess more food than I need, but never enough chocolate. Others live in a state of constant hunger. How can I help them? Helping needy children and less fortunate people at the Mission is one way to show compassion.

Did I hurt someone yesterday? Did I sin? I'm asking my Father for forgiveness. I'm determined not to hold a grudge against anyone no matter what they say about me.

Temptation comes through many avenues: myself, others and the devil himself. Victory over common and unexpected impulses to satisfy my own desires requires prayer and resistance on my part.

My Father is all-powerful, all-knowing, and so much more. He alone deserves my praise and worship.

Our heavenly Father longs to visit with us everyday. Let's not disappoint Him.

Until next week...


Saturday, September 17, 2011

What Do You Drink?

Waiting my turn for the cold surgery room, my nurse and I discussed water and its importance for our body's health. “How much water do you drink?” My answer embarrassed me and surprised her. She responded with “That's all?” Since all fluids end up in my bladder and I was there for bladder cancer surgery, I needed to consider water intake seriously, rethink my habits and make serious changes.

Water is available in many different styles: carbonated, colored, or flavored. Sweetened, enriched or plain. In Russia, we accidentally bought warm carbonated water. If you weren't sick before, you certainly would be on the verge after drinking this surprise.

My friend Jewel likes water on ice, cousin Barbara liked it hot, flavored with lemon. I prefer hot water with my favorite caffeinated green tea pearls steeped for five minutes. Sadly, those days of caffeine are becoming fewer at my house.

Since I must quadruple my intake, I investigated all benefits of drinking water. I needed an enticement. I knew the main advantage, but I must find a stronger incentive, a way for water to make me look younger and more beautiful. After serious thought, I found my motivation, a fountain of youth – the straw. Not a fat straw, but a skinny straw. I call my method “pressure sucking”. I can drink a tall glass of water using a thin straw in fifty-nine seconds flat. It is important to suck correctly. Suck with a smile, don't pucker your lips or you will create more lines above your lip and look older.

Do you think Dr. Oz will invite me as a guest on his show after he reads my blog? Maybe I will make a YouTube video demonstrating my patented straw method. I can see the close-up view now and saying, like the TV commercial, “I'm seventy years old, can you believe it?”

Here's to you!

Your friend, Juanita 
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Saturday, September 10, 2011


Welcome!  Tea is served.

A monster appeared in my garden this week, planted deep in the green sedums intermingled with the orange-red geraniums. 'It' became a 'she' now with lipstick and long, black eyelashes. But maybe it is not a 'she' because if you look close, you will see a green mustache growing under the nose. You can't avoid this monster because you pass it on the way to the koi pond. When Elsie sees my fantastic, silly artwork, she will probably want the strawberry pot back in her garden.  My old and half-buried monster appears as no threat to anyone.

This is the perfect time to share a monster story regarding my husband. As a nine-year old child living near Terrebonne, he experienced scary times on a nightly basis. His Dad dug the hole for the outhouse about sixty feet from their tiny, wood framed house. The last event of the night was a trip to the outside bathroom with a flashlight and his guardian angel Corinthian. Husband said he was afraid of objects he couldn't see in the dark, so he carried on a continual, one-sided conversation with his make-believe angel until he returned to the house. Corinthian never allowed a monster to harm him.

Sweet dreams tonight.

Your friend, Juanita
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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Haven of Rest

Our library is my favorite place to read my Bible and pray because I can close my door to avoid interruptions. When the telephone rings during my private times, I thank the Lord for voice mail.

My husband embraced a better idea this morning. He took his huge Alaska coffee cup full of his favorite blend and his large print Gideon New Testament outside. Daisy followed close behind him, twirling her tail in a circle with happiness. 

As I look out the library window, I see him sitting in his favorite lawn chair by the fish pond where neither I nor the phone will distract him. Do you know better place to talk to God than in the midst of nature He so lovingly gave us?

I see Daisy trying to nuzzle her way under Craig's arm with her nose. Looks as if she's competing with God for Craig's attention. But soon she will relax and lay at his feet, as usual.

Jesus said to enter our prayer closet and pray in secret.

Where is your private sanctuary?

                         Husband's sanctuary
Do we Christians desire, above all else, to sit and learn at Jesus' feet the way Mary, (Martha's sister) did when Jesus visited their home? Martha showed more interest in preparing the meal than listening to the Teacher.

What would you have done? I'd probably organize a potluck dinner so the kitchen helpers would have equal opportunity to sit at His feet and hear every word.

“Let us go to the sanctuary of the Lord; let us worship at the footstool of his throne.”Psalm 132:7 NLT

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