Saturday, January 12, 2013

Unwelcome Guest

What are YOU doing in my library?

Who invited you? Queen or no queen, you are not welcome!

I see your yellow-striped body with cellophane wings crawling rapidly up my picture window. Are your huge black eyes too heavy with sleep to enable you to fly? 

There is no open window for your escape. Your minutes are numbered!

You must realize that summer is months away on the calendar. Have you been hiding in a dark corner since October? Unwanted insects like you belong outside, so Dear Daisy can practice her snapping technique.

Moments from now, you will lie outside, curled up and motionless, never to fly again! Tomorrow, you will be buried under a blanket of snow if the weatherman is correct.

Now I must buy a new fly swatter. YOU, not me, broke my blue plastic antique which has been in my personal family for years.

My dear friends, you are always welcome in my library.

If you have forgotten my horrifying spider experience, you can reread it under July 2, 2011, called Spiders and More Spiders, which includes my second poem ever written.

Happy Birthday, cousin Jimmy

Happy Anniversary, Dianne and Gary! 28 years!
Happy Anniversary, Loren and Nancy! many years!
Happy Anniversary to my sweet husband! 50 years!


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