Saturday, August 25, 2012

Alone on the Bush

 Hi, Friend. I'm glad you stopped for a visit.

One lone snowball exists on my snowball bush hidden among hundreds of green leaves. Did the flower forget to bloom in the spring or has it hung there all summer and I never noticed? 

We can be so familiar with a person or flower, we really don't see them until something good or bad happens to them. Several times I have wanted to mention this topic on my blog. Today's the day.

Be encouraged to look closer at people you know.
    Do they have friends? Be one to them.
    Do they usually keep to themselves? Invite them to an event or lunch.
    Do they enjoy reading books? Give, not loan, them one of your favorites.
    Have you talked on the phone with them in recent months? Now's the time to call, emails don't count.

They might be dying for a hug.

Be alert to those acquaintances who need a real friend like you.

Join me in being a better friend to someone this week and thereafter. We might make a huge difference in their lives and their future.

This is not deep psychology, just friendly advice.

"The LORD is near to those who have a broken heart . . ." Psalm 34:18

Belated Happy Birthday to Linda L. !!

Happy Birthday, Dawnita !
Happy Birthday, Nancy !
Happy Birthday, Kylee !
Happy Birthday, Craig !

Happy Anniversary, Mel & Marguerite !

Proverb for the Week: "As the beating of cream yields butter
                                     and striking the nose causes bleeding,
                                     so stirring up anger causes quarrels."
                                     Prov. 30:33 NLT

Love to all of you, Juanita

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Older is Better

Good morning, it's tea and toast time.

Replace the old with the older.  Sounds backwards.

My pop-up toaster lived a long time, until last week. One morning the toaster did not pop nor toast. What's a woman to do? A few phone calls informed me no small appliance repairmen exist anymore. I might fix it. My father was an electrician; therefore, I must be an electrician or at least a handyman. I also know I return half of the new items I buy. So, what's a woman to do?

I remembered my Paslay toaster from 1914 gathering dust. Does the antique still work? A quick electrical test proved it did, but I needed an old fashioned cord with wider pin spacing. Eugene has a hardware store that sells outdated items. A new cord arrived within the week and now I'm making toast once again. I burned one slice so far. A person must stand by and watch for smoke when making toast. I don't dare do two things at once.

Aunt Leona, when you visit us this summer, prepare yourself for a possible new experience making toast. But I imagine you will tell me Nana used a flip-flop just like mine.

Happy Birthday, Bobbi !
Happy Birthday, Gene !
Happy Anniversary, Lois Ann & Donn !

Love, Juanita

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Money Talks

My tea went cold while I was writing this. Join me in another cup.

If this election cycle lasts much longer, it will make me rich or at least give my husband coffee money. Everyday (except Sunday) I walk the one-eighth of a mile to my mail box and carry a load of mail back to the house, of which I throw away nine out of ten pieces.

One mail delivery lady told me, “Junk mail is our job security.” Yikes! Will we receive more unwanted mail just to save the Post Office from bankruptcy?

Every Wednesday, an elderly man with a speech impediment, probably my age, delivers a local valley newspaper full of Hollywood news and local grocery ads. My least favorite topics! I don't have the heart to inform him to skip my house. Someone pays him five cents for every paper he delivers, so I save the unopened papers for the Eugene Mission.

To get my attention before I throw away the mail, “they” place a penny, nickel, quarter, and then today, a Kennedy half-dollar in the window of the envelope. Now, who wants to throw that mail away without first retrieving the money? They ask me to hold the coin in my hand while I read their urgent letter. I never heard of these men or organizations who want my money to support their cause. I admit I do feel guilty disposing of their postage-paid return envelope. Is it legal or moral to cut off the stamp for my personal use?

Last year I received an 'important' letter with a one dollar bill inside. I placed the money in my wallet, said “thank you” and put the advertizement in the bulging burn sack.

Today, do you see a new side of me? I'm trying to say, “No one can pay me to support their cause.” This post sounds similar to an Op Ed piece in The Register-Guard. Yikes, again!

Morris, you're right. I always have an opinion.

                     No, the picture is not up side down. 
                                I'm laying in the hammock today.

Happy Birthday, Loretta !


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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Rusty Red Dragonflies

This afternoon two rusty-red biplanes chased each other around and around the pond, north to the waterfall, through the fir trees and then back to the pond. These sporty dragonflies preformed for a couple hours. I saw several near misses and enjoyed their performance. They flew so fast I couldn't take their picture. Today was one of those rare times that I sat and relaxed in the garden instead of trimming plants and pulling weeds.

Some of you know my mother. We went for a walk this morning before the temperature became too hot. We held hands as we toured the neighborhood and enjoyed a nice conversation. This is Mother on her 92nd birthday at the Hilton Restaurant last year.

To you in Oregon, try to stay cool on Saturday. We are expecting temps in the high 90's, first time all summer. My opinion: Oregon is the best state! I have another opinion: Chick-fil-A is welcome in Oregon anytime!

Happy Birthday, Patty !
Happy Birthday, Barb S. !


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