Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Ballet of the Flag

Even in the shade, the air is extremely warm today, actually hot! My lawn chair faces the koi pond while I rest and scrutinize my latest project: wooded steps up an incline, or down, depending on which way I'm going. For several years I put up with the effort of making my way along this path, but finally when I had nothing else to do (believe that?), I changed the landscape to give the path a more designed appearance. Hopefully I'll get more leg muscles using the steps too.
With a glass of ice water in one hand and a pen and tablet in the other, I'm watching the flag, which hangs over the pond, dance in the breeze. It's not flapping loudly like in a strong wind, but gracefully rising and falling as the soft wind blows through my garden.
The old saying 'take time to smell the roses' is relaxing advice no matter what your age or occupation. The scent of my roses doesn't reach the pond area, but watching the flag flutter and waltz has almost the same results.
                                  my "Royal Pageant" rose 

Seek out your private place of comfort today, away from the world's dreadful headlines and focus on your blessings and the beauty of nature—God's summer gift to you. 

Happy belated Birthday Tinsley
Happy Birthday Geni
Happy Birthday Sharon
Happy Birthday Zachariah

Love to all of you,

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Pleasant Day at the Pond

The cooing of Eurasian collared doves in a nearby tree, the waterfall splashing on the rocks six feet below the falls, the flapping of our American flag in the breeze makes a inviting day to rest in the garden shade. I'm sitting by the koi pond with a good book and a writing tablet. The koi are somewhat distracting as they jump and dive, trying their skill at catching flying insects. 

Craig attends a three-day church conference, so I'm in charge of watering flowers and pulling weeds. I hope the weeds cook and die as the temperature rises. The weatherman will hit his target today for sure. I wonder how he knew this day would be the only time this week the temp would rise above 95 degrees in the valley.
I just moved the lawn sprinkler. That's one great way to cool off!
Guess how many times the jumping koi woke me up. Three times! They sounded like someone fell in the pond.
I could sit in the air-conditioned man cave, but I chose to sit here in the shade and write to you. Thanks to the Internet, I avoid the task of writing 108 separate letters. And envelopes, too!
As I sit and enjoy my surroundings, I'm reading an old paperback written in 1936 by Bruce Corbin. He wrote, “It is a startling fact that no man ever owned anything. No man owns anything now. All he has is the use of God's possessions. God created the world for His own pleasure and for man's use.”
We live on our land, pay the taxes, and manage the garden, but I thank God everyday for His gift of life and strength to maintain this property, our temporary dwelling place. I'm reminded of the Biblical words concerning Abraham: He looked for a city which has foundations whose builder and maker is God.
The author Corbin was expecting the holy city to appear in his lifetime. Are you, as well?

Happy 31st Anniversary, Joyce & Gabby
Happy 28th Anniversary, Barb & Hal
Happy 60th Birthday, Barb - sorry, I just had to tell-it's such a nice round number. But I'm way, way ahead of you!