Friday, February 7, 2014

Blessing #84 – RETIREMENT

Welcome to my library!

Please join me in a hot drink. Mine: cinnamon sticks in hot milk. I hope you brought biscotti. A perfect day to retire to my library. You measure taller than I (most everyone does) so you may recline in Craig's larger rocker. It takes more energy to rock when my feet don't reach the floor.

You ask, “Where's Craig?” He's in the hot tub with an inch of snow on his bald head. Actually, he's wearing a hat.

Today is for the birds! All the birds—western scrub jay, steller's jay, dark-eyed junco (I called them my hooded bandits), doves, northern flicker, and varied thrush—came for breakfast.

If we weren't retired, (blessing #84) do you think we'd be sitting here? No, we'd be slipping and sliding through snow on our way to work. But instead, we enjoy each others company while our feathered friends entertain us and snow flakes float down from the thick gray sky above.

To those of you not retired yet: You Are Going To Love It! Then you can write a silly blog, too.

Happy Anniversary, Clyde & Margaret !

Happy Birthday, Maria and CJ !

Happy Birthday, Dear Sister !

Love ya all,

“To write with a broken pencil is pointless.”