Saturday, June 27, 2015

You Did What?

There Comes a Time in a Wife's Life to
    be more self-sufficient
      learn a new talent
        appreciate her husband's talents
          never complain when he doesn't do it perfect
             learn to mow the lawn after husband's surgery

The Dangers of Mowing the Lawn
    cobwebs and spiders between the trees
      low-hanging, grabbing branches
        sharp corners
          garden hoses
            setting sun blinding your eyes
               pray for that smashed blueberry plant
                         (don't tell Craig)
                dust in the eyes
                   garden snakes (don't tell Barb M.)

The Dangers of the Landscape
    rough terrain
       sharp curves
        deep holes
          steep hills (I thought of Nancy D.
             several times)

Necessary Tools
       sun screen (I forgot)
          long pants & sleeves
            sports bra (don't ask why)
               cell phone for emergencies
                  hat tied on tight
                     ear protection
        enough gas (18-hp John Deere ran out at the
       farthest point from the gas house)

Can you guess what I did today for the first and last time?


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