Monday, December 30, 2013

Tis the Season . . .

Tis the season . . . not for jolly holly; but for mating!

From my window, I'm watching the squirrels seek a nest mate for their spring family. They are running after each other in full speed ahead, then into reverse. Three brown tree squirrels just flew by the window, with tails a flying.

I'm roasting filberts this morning. Maybe that's why they are excited. I can smell the rich nutty flavor filling the house, possibly they can too as the aroma drifts up the chimney? Through the walls? Okay, probably not.

Once the nuts cool, I rub off the thin skins and store them in the frig for a healthy snack. For a better, healthier treat I love to dip them and raisins in melted dark chocolate chips. Excellent brain food!

Twenty-five years ago when we harvested our own filberts (100 trees), Craig made chocolate nut clusters to sell to our respective offices. I remember one year, we sold over $400 worth. I gained five pounds that year. I don't wonder why. It was the aroma in the air!

Chuckle! Here comes the squirrels again! Three of them—I wonder which one will lose out. Google says their population will increase in about 40-45 days.

The new year will soon be here. I'm wishing you good health and happiness in all your endeavors!

The biggest blessing you can receive is daily reading God's Word. I love this particular week every year because, along with many of you Gideon members and my special friends, we are finishing the book of Revelation once again. We might not completely understand John's vision, but he said we would be blessed as we read it. I agree with him!

Happy January Anniversary to Dianne & Gary, Loren & Nancy, and me and my husband Craig!


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Saturday, December 7, 2013


SNOW—the word of the week!

The view from my library this week is fantastic! Beautiful! Every imperfection, every weed lay covered with bright, white snow. This weather is rare here in the valley; therefore, it's most appreciated and enjoyed. Thank you, Lord! 

                                   Craig's new 'pet'

He sends the snow like white wool; he scatters frost upon the ground like ashes.” 
          Psalm 147:16

I could sit in the library all day. In fact, I just might. Except I need to go measure the snow again. I used a fifteen-inch wooden ruler. Do you think that's long enough?

As it turned out, I only needed a six-inch ruler. I must have measured the depth every hour with excitement, of course.

Why does snow bring out the child in me?

                          Me and Aunt Leona   1946

I grew up in Klamath Falls—snow country. I have memories sledding down Autumn Avenue hill with the neighborhood kids, seeing ice cycles reach down to the ground from our roof, and playing in snow drifts three-feet deep. School was rarely canceled and we kept the tire chains on for weeks.  Someone made snow angels all over the lawn.

Shall we pray for a white Christmas?

Merry Christmas to all !!

Next time we'll talk in January, unless it snows again!

Chocolate will make a great Christmas gift for yourself ! 

Happy Birthdays !!
Chuy, Marguerite, Ruth, Jody, and Larry.

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