Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jets and Filberts

 I'm so pleased you came for a visit today!

The Willamette Valley has very cold, but sunny weather this morning. I just finished reading chapter nine and my china tea cup is empty. 

Do you ever watch a jet stream?  I have seen them many times, but never watched them. There's a difference, you know.  I'm watching one right now from my library window.  The jet is flying south, probably to California.  There is not the slightest breeze in my front yard, but it must be windy high in the sky because the white stream has floated east and is almost blown to pieces.  All that happened in about two minutes. 

Keep looking up or you will miss something important!

If I were looking out my library window sixteen years ago (no library then), right now I would see our filbert orchard in full bloom with their soft, yellow tassels.  That is the closest they came to having flowers.  I can forgive them for that because I love the nuts, especially the sweeter male nuts.  We had one hundred trees all around our house, but in due time, the harvesters, our kids and the neighbor kids, grew up and moved away.  

It was time for a change and my husband just happened to have a back hoe.  Imagine that!  The filbert orchard became firewood for our Fisher stove.  We created a  lovely garden with a six-foot tall waterfall, meandering creek, and a fish pond that I can  always enjoy from the library window.  

How are your blueberries bushes?  Ours are red with new growth.
Another promise of spring!

See you next week!