Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Note from the Past

My mother-in-law passed away more than thirteen years ago, and today she gave me a note. She was proficient at keeping records. It is my quiet time in the library, and as I was fixing our tea this morning, I decided to use loose tea. I remembered seeing a 'tea ball' that belong to Thelma, so I decided it was about time I used it. I knew right where it was – in the camel-shaped teapot. When I took off the lid of the ball, there was her note to me. She said her mother gave it to her in 1937, and it had made a lot of tea for many people. Her little message brought a smile to my face. I wish she and I could have tea together today, but instead, you and I can.

Yesterday was a wonderful, warm day! Instead of looking out the window at yard work that needed to be done, I was doing it. The row of Lavender has grass growing in it, so guess who is going to transplant them? My dear husband and Daisy dog helped me. Do you want me to bring you up to date on Daisy's diet? Maybe you do not, because it is gross! Daisy was eating stuff in the bark dust. Craig proceeded to tell me that Daisy just loved to eat it. No, it was not carrot peelings this time. He said it was deer droppings, but he said Daisy thought it was chocolate-covered raisins. See, I told you it was gross!

Who or what is a “bird watcher”? Is it someone who hides in the bushes with his binoculars and takes close-up pictures of birds? I am not a bird watcher, but I enjoy watching the birds fly in the air, hop around the lawn and eat worms. Right now there is not a bird in sight and I miss watching them. It is relaxing to watch the birds do their thing. It is surprising how thirty minutes can pass so quickly in five minutes. I call it a great way to waste time or to stall doing what is 'important' such as dusting.

The other day in my library, I read this in the book of Numbers:

"May the LORD bless you and protect you.
May the LORD smile on you and be gracious to you.
May the LORD show you his favor and give you his peace." (NLT)

See you next week!

Your friend,