Saturday, March 19, 2011

God Bless America

Welcome!  Afternoon tea is being served.  If you prefer, I'll be glad to fix coffee.  My husband buys great (expensive) coffee from Caribou Coffee on-line. 

Plaid!  Our American flag was red and white plaid this morning.  I had never seen it hang this way .  The wind had flipped it over the angled pole once, producing a bias fold.  It was soaking wet, making it look sewn that way.  But you know what happened when the wind came up again.  It will always fly!  "God bless America!  Our home, sweet home."
 A flock of European starlings just landed center-stage.  I grabbed my bird book to verify their name.  Every library needs the "Field Guide to Birds by the Stokes"  This husband and wife team likes to study birds together.  The starlings in my yard do not stay long, probably two minutes at the most.  They come by the dozens, eat everything in sight, then on signal it seems, they immediately depart.  On their list of food is weed seeds and snails.  I wish they came more often for that meal.  Wouldn't it be great if they ate moss too?

I have a new email address:

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