Saturday, April 30, 2011

Squirrelly Entertainment

You know that my favorite room is the library.   I see a lot of activity from the large picture window. I love the view of my flower garden, but those energetic squirrels are always a joy to watch. They perform the usual: climbing trees, quickly running from one safe place to another place, hanging upside down from the bird feeder while enjoying the bird seed meant for the sparrows and scrub jays. 
The brown tree squirrels must enjoy our front yard because they have very little freedom in the back yard. Dear Daisy Flower, our yellow lab, entertains herself by tracking down squirrels. I'm sorry to say, a few slow runners have not made it to safety in time. Therefore, the front yard is the squirrel’s safest abode.

The squirrels use their little paws to remove the outer covering from rose hips or nuts so they can eat what's inside. Watching squirrels flip their tails as they communicate with each other is fascinating. Flipping their tails is similar to dogs barking, but do you know what they are saying?

They chase each other around the yard and up the trees to their hiding places. They are constantly eating food, burying it, and then looking for what they buried yesterday.

This morning my eyes followed a curious squirrel.  A smaller, probably younger squirrel stopped in the middle of the dew-covered lawn, grabbed his tail, pulled it around in front of him and rubbed it for a long time. At first I thought he was drying his tail, but then he vigorously rubbed his chest. I decided he must have fleas. Never before have I seen squirrels touch their tails. Their tails are usually flying gracefully behind them as they run to their next adventure.

Their next adventure could be mine if I am in the library at the right moment. 
. . .You are very precious to God. . .” Daniel 9:23 NLT