Saturday, May 7, 2011


Welcome to my library again.

Patience is rewarding, but not always easy to attain.

I have said in the past, “Don't pray for patience unless you want to be tested.” It would be easier if we could go to the hardware store and buy a box of patience, right?   Chocolate would be my second choice.

Last week I was thinking about the word, patience. Our spring flowers were finally blooming and new leaves were appearing on the trees. Being impatient for spring can make winter seem longer. Anxiety and wishing doesn't help. I'm thankful spring has finally arrived with all its vibrant color and freshness. The calendar shows spring came a month ago, but now we have proof.

Last Sunday when bin Laden was killed, another test of patience was successful because of research, planning, bravery and probably much prayer. I found it sobering to hear that he has no more opportunity to repent of his evil ways. Sadly, he is now erased from my prayer list. 
Are you waiting for something or someone? Patience and trusting in the Lord will make waiting a little less stressful.