Saturday, June 18, 2011


Visualize this picture I'm holding in my hand - a man and woman in a long, green canoe floating down a quiet river. The distant background reveals a scene of brilliant fall colors in a forest of fir trees. This breath-taking view is mirrored on the calm water. Sadly, the couple are not facing each other or communicating in any other manner. They are not fishing for lunch or rowing for exercise and they are missing the scenery.

What are they doing? Talking on their separate cell phones to someone else. The beauty of their world passes them by as they float down the river with their hand to their ear.

I realize the value of enjoying nature, either from my library window or walking/working in the beauty of my garden. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, so I might be the only one who thinks my garden is special. 

           My Caribbean Roses

Where best to communicate with our Creator than in the midst of his creation? The beauty of this world is here to remind us of God's gifts to us.

Remember the 1995 TV show that aired at Thanksgiving time called “Hasn't God Been Good to Oregon?” It was a tour of the breathtaking sites around the state of Oregon.

I vote for Crater Lake as the most magnificent scene anywhere in Oregon. I’ve had the pleasure of hiking down to the lake three times and taking the boat trip around Wizard Island. (Not three times in one day, of course) The clear indigo blue water is almost indescribable when you rest about six inches above it in a boat. If I have tempted you to visit the lake and stay at the rustic lodge, July is a good month for a tour. I have actually talked with people who have never been there. Can you imagine that?

Enjoy your summer. It begins next week. Hooray!