Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ode to Daisy

“She appears so quiet and shy,
Who would guess her to be sly?”
Hello, Everyone!

Dear Daisy Flower is for sale to the highest bidder. Barbara, I wonder how much she would bring at Family Camp's auction next year. Probably thousands $. When the auctioneer tells how sweet and attentive and well-mannered she is, all hands will go up to bid higher than the last person. Who wouldn't love to own a yellow lab? The most popular breed in the USA she is.

He might say Daisy makes a wonderful house dog because she lays in one spot and doesn't wonder from room to room. But don't tell that she smells like a dog and sheds hair like a dog and eats wood like Marley in the book “Marley and Me”, a must read even if you are not a dog lover.

By the time I finish writing this page, Daisy should be home again. The neighbors love her too and she probably spent an overnighter with her friend Ellie, our first yellow lab. That's another story.

Is there a clue here? Probably three, but I can't think of one except Daisy will always be Daisy – faithful but untrustworthy, sweet but frustrating.

Summer finally arrived this week. I have been waiting nine months for this season. Picnics and blooming roses. Hooray!