Saturday, August 27, 2011


I touched him! I actually touched him! 
I touched George!

Tuesday was an extremely hot day in the valley and I spent several hours hand-watering my flowers. As usual, I accidentally left a garden hose running on a newly planted tree. How often do you leave one running?

I remembered the hose after dark and took a flashlight with me to the pond area where the faucet is located. There sat George, on the edge of the pond. I kept the light on him and walked closer and closer. He calmly stayed put, not blinking like the deer in the headlight syndrome. I walked slowly, pointing the beam at George.

How close can I get? Standing one foot away, I paused. Can I touch him?

Holding the light in one hand, I leaned over, extended my other hand, and touched him with my finger. How exciting is that? The startled bull frog jumped back into the pond with a big splash. Impressed with my accomplishment, I hurried back to the house to brag.

Husband's advice: “You should wash your hand so you don't get a wart.” Good idea! I have enough old-age barnacles on this body.

I missed a perfect opportunity for a great picture. I wish you were here to see his beautiful glassy eyes staring back at me.
                    George's ceramic playmate.
How did the princess became brave enough to kiss her frog? Time for research. According to one version of the fable, The Frog Prince, the princess kissed the frog because he cried and wanted a friend.

Husband's thoughts: “I'm glad you didn't kiss George the frog because you already have your prince.” Husband spoke the truth!

Thanks again for joining me in the library. I appreciate your friendship.

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