Saturday, September 10, 2011


Welcome!  Tea is served.

A monster appeared in my garden this week, planted deep in the green sedums intermingled with the orange-red geraniums. 'It' became a 'she' now with lipstick and long, black eyelashes. But maybe it is not a 'she' because if you look close, you will see a green mustache growing under the nose. You can't avoid this monster because you pass it on the way to the koi pond. When Elsie sees my fantastic, silly artwork, she will probably want the strawberry pot back in her garden.  My old and half-buried monster appears as no threat to anyone.

This is the perfect time to share a monster story regarding my husband. As a nine-year old child living near Terrebonne, he experienced scary times on a nightly basis. His Dad dug the hole for the outhouse about sixty feet from their tiny, wood framed house. The last event of the night was a trip to the outside bathroom with a flashlight and his guardian angel Corinthian. Husband said he was afraid of objects he couldn't see in the dark, so he carried on a continual, one-sided conversation with his make-believe angel until he returned to the house. Corinthian never allowed a monster to harm him.

Sweet dreams tonight.

Your friend, Juanita
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