Saturday, October 15, 2011

Propagating Roses is Easy

Welcome, I'm glad you came to visit.

It's too late to alter the layout of my library. We didn't think to design the placement of our windows to give us pleasure of seeing the sunrise in the morning or watching the sun set. I see one alternative and I imagine you're way ahead of me on this one. I might go outside early and actually be in the moment. This week, the sun rises at 7:25, which certainly is not too early for us, but we'll need to wait for partially clear skies in the morning to see a gorgeous sunrise.

Last year, I planted twelve Robin Hood roses, making a carefree hedge down our long driveway. I hope the people in the new subdivision, formerly a filbert orchard, will see and enjoy them as well. To make a portable greenhouse, I placed a 30-oz. clear plastic peanut butter jar over three cuttings. I find this an easy way to start own-root roses in the winter. This system brings success every time. By late spring, the trimmed twigs will show new growth and you can remove the jar.
                                      Robin Hood Rose

Looking out the window now, I see blue sky and not one cloud, making the perfect day to plant a new row of pale pink Baby Blanket roses using the plastic jar method. I enjoy this rose because it continually blooms all summer long and still blooms in October after the rains arrive. My friend Vicky gave me a start from her Baby Blanket rose bush many years ago.

Today, the view becomes brighter and more beautiful the longer I sit here, but we valley people know how quickly our weather can change. I need to move outside without delay while the sun is still shining.

Let's do it!

Go the extra mile, it's never crowded.”