Saturday, November 19, 2011

Racing Leaves in the Wind

From a distance, the lawn in our grotto area now looks yellow, not due to lack of rain, but because the Jacquemonti birch leaves lay on the ground in a thick cover. The stark white trunks against the background of the rock wall make a sharp contrast. I decided one birch tree would look lonely, so we planted three. The round table I placed in the center of them makes a perfect place to serve drinks at summer picnics. I leave the table there year around. In twenty years, the table might be permanent as the trunks grow into the table, making a conversation topic of what came first: the chicken or the egg, or the trees or the table. Okay, maybe not.

We display three permanent deer in our front yard, a buck, doe and a fawn. I declare them my favorite because metal deer do not prune my roses. They make a great picture in the shady area and appear alive at first glance. My cousin Morris drew a bull's eye in the dust on the buck and forced me to give the buck a bath.

You can see a new duck in our pond celebrating the game this weekend.

We cannot depend on our rusty old weather vane to show us which way the wind blows. We watch, but never see the cocky rooster move in a wind storm. I notice the wind blows from the west today because the dry yellow leaves all run to the east.

Speaking of the wind, our wet American flag wrapped itself around the pole on the pump house a moment ago. The wind came and worked a miracle. The flag now hangs unfurled. I wish our government's problems could be fixed that easily. Blow wind, blow!

The Lord be with you all.”

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