Saturday, November 12, 2011

What is the View of Your World Today?

Tea is ready.  My friend, Patty made delicious chocolate biscotti for dunking.  Perfect combination.

I possess a new view in my world today because my husband trimmed a huge, fifty-year-old cherry tree in our back yard. Every year, this giant sprouted fewer leaves, no cherries, and looked unhealthy. I recommended a severe pruning. Time will tell if this action will produce new branches next year. If nothing else, we now own beautiful cherry wood. I might become a woodcarver, but do I need another hobby?

With the tree dramatically lowered, I can see blue-gray mountains in the far distance covered with evergreen trees. Because we planted so many trees on our property, we must look up to see into the distance. But looking up is good, right? As a little girl, I laid on my back on the front lawn, watched the clouds move and looked for Jesus to appear as He promised. Today, when I discover a beautiful cloud formation or an amazing rainbow, I still anticipate that glorious day.

If you fly, we agree the view from a 747 takes your breath away. Last week, I beheld two worlds as we jetted to California, one below dark, stormy clouds and another above white, fluffy cotton balls. This inspiring scene at fourteen-thousand feet elevation went on forever.

I wonder how Christian astronauts contained themselves as they saw what God created from a different vantage point on their way to the moon. Bill Anders, Jim Lovell and Frank Borman on the Apollo 8 mission to the moon in 1968 read the Scriptures in Genesis, chapter one, describing the events of creation.
 Keep looking up.
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