Saturday, January 21, 2012

Coffee or Tea, Please

Good morning, dear friends,

Green tea and cinnamon toast is served in my cozy library this early, wet morning. Earl mentioned enjoying only the aroma of tea. I feel the same about coffee. Coffee smells good, but even the expensive variety tastes bitter to me.

Ruth, your cat walked through my garden a few moments ago. It must be yours because the color is bright white with three big black spots on its back and a long, solid black tail. Those who know Ruth, remembers she utterly loves black and white cows. Today is the first time I've seen the cat and I hope it returns. This large furry animal appeared on a definite mission walking slowly around the pond, but it didn't stay in sight long. If I wasn't relaxing in the library today, I might have missed the cat visit.

Do you have a specific mission or important project today? In the library I plan my day and the week, consider what still remains from yesterday, talk to my Lord, and read my Bible and other exciting books. My number of books in the library have grown since we closed Mother's apartment. Do you think my free time will increase as well? Only if I get up earlier!

I hope you developed an effective way to start your day instead of allowing your day to dictate to you.

“Your Word, oh Lord, is sweet as honey, delicious as chocolate.” ~ me

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