Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Letter to God

Good morning, my dear friends. I'm pleased you came to visit again. Our green tea is steeping.

Mary Hyatt Day loved to write for her family as some of us do. My friend Christine Hogan shared Mary's writings with me and I wanted you to read this particular page. It is very thought provoking, to say the least. I hope you enjoy it.

“Dear Father in Heaven:

That must sound sometimes like we're writing you a letter, Father.  Is that what we do? Do you get lots of letters?

“Dear Lord, I need money. Send me some.”
“Dear Lord, I'm so unhappy. Send me some happiness, by return mail.”
“Lord, I haven't heard from you in a long time. Have you forgotten me?”

Do you like getting our letters, Father?
Like us, do you go eagerly and expectantly to your mail box every day, hoping for a long, loving letter? And like us, are you disappointed when there are only the ads and bills and appeals for help?

“Buy my product, it's the best there is. You can't do without it!”
“Help my cause – it is of importance for the whole world!”

You will save the whales, won't you, Father?

And when that long-awaited letter comes, does it go like this:

Dear Father,
This is just a note to say I'm okay. Sorry I haven't written lately, but I've been so busy with the cleaning and my church work. You know how it is. And the kids were all sick at once. Then we went on our vacation, three whole weeks. Did you get my card from Disneyland saying, I wish you were here!?

Well, this is all I have time for now. Hoping to hear from you soon.
P.S. As you can see, I didn't get this mailed for a week. I didn't have a stamp.”

Mary Hyatt Day

Love, Juanita
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