Saturday, March 10, 2012


Dear friends,

All the birds are here today: the brilliant blue steller's jay, the colorful varied thrush, the little black-hooded Oregon junco and the scruffy western scrub-jay. They are not concerned about the hail coming down. They are focusing on the recently filled bird feeder hanging in front of my library window.

Today, I was reminiscing about the songs Skip Marks sang at our wedding. Last Sunday at church, Luwayne sang one of them, “The Love of God”. The original song was written in 1917. Some fifty years ago, Mrs. Foster wrote an additional verse for her daughter's wedding.

“What God hath joined, let no man sever,
These sacred vows are heaven made.
May they behold a vision ever
From His true light that cannot fade.
Their talents bring to serve the King
The power by God endowed,
With one accord, extol the Lord,
Their hearts in reverence bowed.”

I remember Uncle Gordon, six foot four, crying at my wedding. Maybe that song was the reason. As a little girl, we played a game called Odd or Even on my arm. “Ouch”! He took me to the soda shop where we sat on high stools and drank strawberry sodas together. I was his oldest niece and he loved to spoil me. He proudly played his 78-speed records as we played 'Name that Tune' way before the TV producers created that popular show.

Another wedding memory: my mother broke her high-heeled shoe at my wedding and Aunt Leona loaned mother her shoes to wear.

Did I bring back a few old memories of your own?

Spring is less than two weeks away. Hooray!

Happy Birthday, Barbara !