Saturday, March 24, 2012

Snow and Bunnies

Good morning!  Yes, it is good and early!

The sun will rise in two hours, but at five o'clock this morning, it's almost bright as day because the porch light and the loom of the city is reflecting on the fresh snow. This view might be common for you in Montana and Idaho, but here on the valley floor, it's an unusual event. The scene this morning is so pretty ~ calm and peaceful. The snow is heavy with moisture and the tree branches are drooping under the weight.

Our long-awaited spring arrived yesterday, but old man winter is refusing to go home. I'm retired, so he's welcome to stay a few more days. But I told him to leave by Friday because all my grandsons and their folks are coming to visit for Spring break. When I was young, we called it Easter vacation.

Speaking of Easter, remember the yummy chocolate Easter bunnies? My husband loves them, even though they have nothing to do with the real spiritual meaning of Easter. I see the cocoa bunny now has competition. Russel Stover makes a solid milk chocolate fish—the Christian symbol. Surprisingly, the company was brave enough to place the name of Jesus on the fish in English, not Greek.

Of course, I bought one for Brayden, Brogan and Erik. Craig pouted, “Where's mine?” I'll use this opportunity to tell them about the traditional story of the fish figure.

It's hard to read in the library this morning with this lovely scene in front of me. It's snowing again! The God of the Universe is painting a beautiful picture for you and me to enjoy with a thankful heart! We can ignore the broken branches for a few days.

Happy Birthday, Taelor !
Happy Birthday, Margaret !

Thanks for the visit!

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