Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Greetings

Are you visiting in the afternoon? In the library, I will be serving the infamous Neiman Marcus chocolate chip cookies with your choice of tea or coffee.

From the window, we can see the royal pageant rose bushes with their little copper-colored leaves beginning to uncurl. The new leaves give me faith in its promise of many fragrant flowers of a blend of rich apricot and golden yellow to open in the summer. Here in the valley, it's amazing how quickly the naked, thorny canes develop tiny new leaves, seemingly overnight.  Before we know it, there will be flowers to pick and bouquets to arrange!  I won't mention the inch of hail we had this week.

This magic of spring gives me another thought. As winter is cold and dreary, we know warm weather will follow. Jesus gave a prophecy regarding world wars, earthquakes and famines. He called it the beginning of sorrows (winter), but he promised He would return from heaven with power and glory (spring), bringing everlasting peace (summer).

As we celebrate the Easter season, remember He promised to rise again. He did! He promised to return for us believers. And He will! Expect Him!

Your friend, Juanita

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