Saturday, April 14, 2012

On the Wings of a Dove

As I destroyed the nasty spring weeds in my garden today, I heard you crying. So mournful, so sad! You hid among the branches in the cedar tree. Why were you crying? Had you lost your mate or were you remembering your fate so long ago?

You had been sent on a mission to find dry land, but it became a difficult assignment. You returned from your first flight discouraged, finding no place to land. Later you returned with an olive branch in your mouth. How surprised you must have been to find plant life after more than 190 days adrift in an ark on the high seas.

Occasionally, I see you walking under the bushes with your mate. You run fast, then fly away. Next time, please stay longer. I promise not to hurt you, I only want to share a candid picture of you with my friends.

In ages past, you were used as a sacrifice of worship and purification by the poor of Israel, but you were also honored as a symbol of the Holy Spirit of God. In the first century, the early Christians designed a drawing of you as a secret code. Today, you represent Christianity and peace.

King David wished he had wings like a dove, so he could fly away and rest in the quiet of the wilderness.  Psalm 55:6.    Like David, I could use a break. Yard work is tiring for this old lady. The minutes have turned into hours and it certainly is time for a much-needed rest!

I always look forward to the music of your sad, but peaceful song. I hope to hear your cooing again tomorrow.

Sincerely, Juanita
Happy Birthday, Vicki !

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