Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bad Dog

Oh Happy Day to you!

I am an organized person, even with my yard work. I have a Gorilla wagon that contains all my large and small garden tools, gloves, fertilizers, etc. I park it by the back door. Last Thursday night it was stored too close to Dear Daisy Flower's chain.

In the middle of the night, Daisy decided to wrap her chain around and around and around the axle. Next, she tried to chew off the tire. Les Schwab sold me a new tire today. She chewed the house wall in two places. All this in the dark! I could tell you more, but you can stop laughing now. It was time the clean out the wagon anyway.

For Daisy's punishment today, Craig gave her a long bath. And I made a chocolate cake with chocolate pudding and cherry pie filling, topped with whipped cream. Not for her!

"I don't know who did it!"
Happy Birthday, Sharon O.

Love, Juanita
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