Saturday, September 1, 2012

Antique Roadshow

Happy Labor Day weekend to everyone!

This morning, a large colorful bouquet of yellow sunflowers (the remains of my last garden party) is visible from my library window. Very few birds to watch, but the young squirrels still entertain me. The signs and smells of autumn in the air have changed my view. The crabgrass in the lawn turned yellow and my roses have fewer blossoms. The busy honey bees completely cover the purple Russian sage.

Last week I showed you a new snowball in midsummer. The one lone flower on the bush has now become friends with nine others. If this wasn't so unusual, I wouldn't mention it. Maybe the Willamette Valley will skip wintertime and move right into spring before we realize what happened.

The Antique Roadshow on TV is not a program I watch, but we thought we possessed a few antiques. So we applied for tickets to the show in Seattle last week. Interesting experience! I will refrain from discussing the adventure of driving on one-way streets in Seattle trying to locate the convention center parking lot. You can use your own imagination of standing in four lines for a total of four hours.

The old treasures we took were a hand-carved goddess Diana cameo rimmed in 14-caret gold, a colorful yellow Japanese bowl, and small flannel sheets designed with Indian warriors which lined old tobacco tins. Our winner was an Amos 'n Andy wind-up toy taxi from 1929 valued at $500-$600. 

The best part of the trip north was visiting with Linda, Marlene and a new friend, Gurdi.

Happy Birthday, Ruth !
Happy Birthday, Mother !

Happy Anniversary, Betty & Gary !
Happy Anniversary, Brad & Dawnita !

Proverb for your week: “Never let loyalty and kindness
                                       leave you. Tie them around
                                       your neck as a reminder.”
                                                Proverbs 3:3 NLT

God bless you and America!
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