Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hanging by a Toenail

Good morning! Time for a cup of strong coffee while you read my sad note. I really wasn't going to tell you, but Harold, I had nothing else to say today.

Life is hard sometimes, especially for the birds. They mind their own business sitting on a wire and what does it get them?  Upside down – for the last time. This scrub jay experienced a dreadful end. The scene made me sad and I suppose you are now, too. 

                    "I should have kept both feet on the barbed wire!
                                 Why did I grab the electric wire too?"

Is there a lesson learned here? Well, not for the bird. I showed Craig this bird on our neighbor's fence. He said it reminded him of a prank his neighbor boys played on a younger boy about sixty years ago.

The boys were walking down a red cinder road in Central Oregon near a cow pasture with an electric fence. Four of the boys slowly walked over to the fence and held hands. Billy was new to the trick and was caught unaware. As soon as Billy joined hands with them, the first boy grabbed the hot wire and Billy on the end received the jolt. I bet that only happened once to poor Billy.

My dad would have been one hundred years old this week.

Happy Birthday, Dianne !
Happy Birthday, Nancy B. !

Proverb for the week:
          “Fear of the LORD is the foundation of wisdom.”   Proverbs 9:10

Thanks for checking in with me!  I enjoy talking with you.