Friday, April 4, 2014

Dinner with the Governor

Dear Governor Huckabee,

Dinner with the Governor! Exciting, for sure! Thank you for the invitation and the wonderful dinner. My tender salmon didn't even need tartar sauce. My pride list continues getting longer as tonight became my third dinner with a potential president of the United States.
I enjoyed meeting you face-to-face and shaking your hand.

I'm sorry your wife Janet didn't join us. But as you said, grand kids come first ahead of traveling. Congratulations on forty years of marriage. Craig and I recently celebrated number fifty-one, but we're lots older, too.
You looked relaxed playing base guitar with Shelly James and her Musicbox. My husband and I didn't stay for dancing afterwards either. Didn't you love her version of Amazing Grace? I'm glad you asked her to sing “America the Beautiful”.
You made me laugh when you told your story of a woman concerned about your being a former pastor and a presidential candidate. When she asked if you believed only Baptists will go to heaven, you said, “No, I believe not all Baptists will go to heaven.”
Your handling of the Q&A session impressed me. You didn't avoid any questions and didn't need a teleprompter for your speech.
Craig wanted to tell you that he also lived one generation away from no electricity and poverty.
I didn't realize Lava soap had the reputation of a strong exfoliator, but I'm not brave enough to purchase it. Did that brand honestly burn your skin as a child? What happened to Lifebuoy?
We enjoyed the evening with you. Thanks for honoring our veterans and believing in our country!

Juanita Paslay