Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Colors

Hi! Please enter, my dear friends.
Jewel, your hot chocolate is ready. 
Just as promised, spring has arrived. Life has returned to the garden. What colors do you see? Bright yellow, white and medium purple are everywhere at my place and probably in your neighborhood as well.
The star magnolia has been covered with large pussies all winter, but now the flowers have finally opened. Since the tree is about sixty feet from my library window, the flowers look like cotton balls. I still think the tree looks unattractive at this stage without its leaves. But, guess what I did. I picked a branch with partially opened buds and put it in a vase by the kitchen sink. Now, that's the way the star flower of the magnolia should be enjoyed.
Another white I see is the pieris bush. They are completely covered with the little Lily of the Valley flowers. Next will come the new growth in bright red leaves on this bush which is another phase of spring.
The yellow I see are daffodils and forsythia, both are so bright and vivid, I'm not sure which is the brightest. I keep my forsythia tightly pruned so that it is a thick bush. You have probably seen those that look wild and not maintained or unkempt. That is a little pet peeve of mine.

 I see lonely daffodils in a vacant field across the street where a walnut orchard once stood. I think it is time someone picked a few. I promise I'll leave most of them for the neighbors to enjoy.
    The purple are heather, daphne and miniature rhodys. No comments here except I love the scent of daphne. Do you? It is so sweet. I put a branch of daphne flowers in the vase with the star magnolia. Great combination!
      I have a book in my library called, “Color Me Beautiful”. God has certainly given us so many beautiful colors to enjoy. Enjoy your view today!