Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dew Drops Are Falling

Hello, friends!

  Today began cold and damp; time for Red Rose tea. Canada introduced us to this brand several years ago while on vacation. This one became one of my favorites because no matter how long it steeps, the tea doesn't become bitter. I declare Red Rose the ultimate summertime sun tea.

  Look closely and you can see large dew drops lined up on the bare branches of the red horse chestnut tree outside my library window. If you can benefit from a quiet time this morning, come and watch them with me. The large drops are all in a row like a string of precious white pearls. You better come soon because when a gentle breeze begins, the drops fall one by one, never to be seen again.

  He is running so fast his little stick legs are a blur! Watching this lone red robin reminds me of an old roadrunner cartoon. In my yard the robins usually hop, hop and pause as they look and listen for worms. But this little guy zips licketysplit across the yard. He must be going somewhere important. 

  Do you have something important on your list today? I'm having lunch with one of my best friends. I recommend the restaurant upstairs at Valley River Center. I declare their carrot bread moist and not too sweet. Just perfect.

Your friend,