Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Memories Are Made of This . . ."

Wishing you a sunny morning!

My friend, Christine shared a book of poems written by a lady who had amazing talent to put her life experiences on paper. I'm in my library and just finished reading it from cover to cover. I thought what a treasure for her family and the great, great grandchildren she will never have the opportunity to love. Even I not knowing her, wished I did.

My tears came as I read her last poem, last line: “and I would ask to hold my babies one more time, then I would gather up all my flowers, all my memories and I would go to meet the others.” She has since gone to meet her Lord. Before she left, she printed her poems in a book for her family and friends.

What written treasures are you leaving for your family?

Maybe you have said, “Someday I'll do it” or “nobody would care to read what I write.”

Our grandson Brayden at eight years old began writing poems. What a treasure for himself and our family generations from now!

Writing short stories based on Scripture is my latest joy. What an exciting challenge! I hope to live another 20 years like my mother so I can continue improving my writing and working in my flower garden.

Make a memory today.  You can do it!