Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Life

Come in!

      A large round thermometer hangs nailed to the tree outside my library window. The temperature this early morning hour shows almost 60 degrees and it looks like snow is falling, but instead, the white star magnolia flowers are falling from the tree in a warm breeze. There's an east wind causing all the flowers to land on one side of the tree. The white is in stark contrast to the freshly-mowed green lawn. I'm sure you noticed how exceptionally bright the green grass is in the spring, no matter where you live or if it is just crabgrass.

      Yesterday, I mentioned to my husband the leaf buds on the red horse chestnut tree were swelling with life. This morning I see the first leaf popped open. There's no stopping them now. Next comes the big red flowers.

      It is such a pleasure to watch the progress of life returning to our personal paradise here after a cold winter. Have you ever watched a leaf open? It's like watching a baby being born—it takes time. 

      I wonder what I miss on days I think I'm too busy to relax and gaze out my library window?

      Time for another cup of jasmine tea.

      Let's talk next week after I return from Boise.

Your friend, Juanita

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