Saturday, August 18, 2012

Older is Better

Good morning, it's tea and toast time.

Replace the old with the older.  Sounds backwards.

My pop-up toaster lived a long time, until last week. One morning the toaster did not pop nor toast. What's a woman to do? A few phone calls informed me no small appliance repairmen exist anymore. I might fix it. My father was an electrician; therefore, I must be an electrician or at least a handyman. I also know I return half of the new items I buy. So, what's a woman to do?

I remembered my Paslay toaster from 1914 gathering dust. Does the antique still work? A quick electrical test proved it did, but I needed an old fashioned cord with wider pin spacing. Eugene has a hardware store that sells outdated items. A new cord arrived within the week and now I'm making toast once again. I burned one slice so far. A person must stand by and watch for smoke when making toast. I don't dare do two things at once.

Aunt Leona, when you visit us this summer, prepare yourself for a possible new experience making toast. But I imagine you will tell me Nana used a flip-flop just like mine.

Happy Birthday, Bobbi !
Happy Birthday, Gene !
Happy Anniversary, Lois Ann & Donn !

Love, Juanita

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