Saturday, August 4, 2012

Rusty Red Dragonflies

This afternoon two rusty-red biplanes chased each other around and around the pond, north to the waterfall, through the fir trees and then back to the pond. These sporty dragonflies preformed for a couple hours. I saw several near misses and enjoyed their performance. They flew so fast I couldn't take their picture. Today was one of those rare times that I sat and relaxed in the garden instead of trimming plants and pulling weeds.

Some of you know my mother. We went for a walk this morning before the temperature became too hot. We held hands as we toured the neighborhood and enjoyed a nice conversation. This is Mother on her 92nd birthday at the Hilton Restaurant last year.

To you in Oregon, try to stay cool on Saturday. We are expecting temps in the high 90's, first time all summer. My opinion: Oregon is the best state! I have another opinion: Chick-fil-A is welcome in Oregon anytime!

Happy Birthday, Patty !
Happy Birthday, Barb S. !


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