Saturday, September 15, 2012


Evening and too late for tea, but just in time for pear cobbler and milk!

It took me ten minutes to find the word potpourri in the dictionary. I couldn't even start the word. I knew it was French with silent letters. I almost called Nancy who studied that language. For you today, I made potpourri, a mixture of unrelated literary subjects.

The bull frog I showed you a couple weeks ago made itself right at home in the koi pond. The other day, I actually sat down (not working) to enjoy my garden. The frog sat in one of the iris-filled pond pots and croaked. I counted his croaks – 26 calls! He paused and took only one breath in between. He must have been desperate for attention. 

We both enjoy the music Mr. Frog provides in our secluded wing of my library, the pond area. This is Craig's favorite place to read his Louis L'Amour books. Did you know his real last name of LaMoore?

Do you recall old conversations, I mean really old, from when you were a child? My Uncle Jim just came to my mind. He was a school teacher in California in the '50's. My family visited his family every summer when I was in grade school and high school. I remember one particular conversation. He challenged me, “Juanita, why don't you ever say something?” As a kid, I preferred to listen to the adults talk. Now, I smile as I think, if he only knew what he started. Right, Harold?

Today must have been national Squirrel Day. Every squirrel in my yard celebrated—running across the lawn, jumping up and over the fence, tail flipping, chasing each other, almost flying off the neighbor's shed. Aren't the brown tree squirrels supposed to stay in their tree house?

Every day the headlines shout disaster, tragedy, hopelessness; but Jesus declared God gave His son to provide eternal life for all of us. Now that's news worth celebrating!

Happy Birthday, Jean & John !

Happy Birthday, Julie !

Happy Birthday, Shirley !

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