Saturday, November 17, 2012

You Are Guilty !

Guilty! The jury returned and the verdict was pronounced!

The one-man jury (actually a woman, myself to be exact) determined the inconceivable crime was not committed by a mere human. I'll admit that people are the usual culprit in a robbery case; but in my opinion, circumstantial evidence against the masked bandit appears overwhelming.

The same night the overhead electrical cord disappeared from the apple trees leading to the glass greenhouse, we were awaken in the wee hours of the morning by a loud metal bang. It's the same sleep-shattering noise heard when the coon cage door is tripped and slams shut.

The exact timeline is still to be determined to tell how the cord was successfully unplugged at both ends. Picture this: The cord ran from an outside outlet under our bedroom window, through branches of several trees, up the seven-foot-high wall of the green house, through the roof area, then down to the heat lamps inside keeping my geraniums alive. I know that is a long sentence, but it was a long cord – seventy-five feet.

The door to the green house was closed, but there is a doggy door for an easy access and quick escape. One final question for the accused: which plug end did your little hands disconnect first?

I read his mind and discovered his thought process. Even though the cage was resting near the electrical outlet, he decided to relocate the cord first. Then return to the cage to investigate the shiny foil bait illuminated in the light of the motion sensor.

My closing argument: If a neighbor kid removed the bright orange line from the trees used as temporary power poles, he would have taken the item home to Mama. But upon searching the property for clues, I discovered the stolen object in question one hundred feet away from the green house, laying in a straight line as if dragged to a new home.

Let me remind you that if both ends were plugged in at the new site, I would suspect a different thief. Friends, I rest my case.

My judge is not convinced of this jury's decision, but the man of the house still administered the usual punishment for getting caught. 

Don't ask!

Happy Birthday, Tall Tom !
Happy Birthday, Ken W. !
Happy Birthday, Jewel !
Happy Birthday, Iona !
Happy Birthday, Georgia !
Happy Birthday, Colleen !
Happy Birthday, Brad !

A great week for a party!


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