Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Waxing and Waning

Greetings to you, dear friends.

Occasionally, I wax my upper lip, but please don't tell my husband. He would not understand this woman pride thing. I'm hoping someday I'll be old enough when the unwanted hair will quit growing. The hair on my head comes out by the handful, but my legs are still producing a forest.

Tell me why a man would shave his chest as seen on TV. My husband is proud of his few hairs. I could understand a man shaving his arm pits though. That might help reduce the odor problem. Besides, his hair is so long there!

My muscles are waning – badly! It's very noticeable when I stir the pot on the stove. Flap, flap! I told myself years ago this deterioration would never happen to me. Yeah, right! Gone are the sleeveless tops and short shorts. I wonder if it is too late for this 72 ½ year old lady to start using her muscle machine effectively.

I planned to write about our moon, but I got carried away describing my body. Sorry about that! Are you smiling?

Do you know when the moon waxes and wanes?

When the moon is completely invisible on a clear night, the New Moon has waned 100%. The next day, the moon begins to wax and show itself to us. It continues waxing until we see the full moon. There is a full moon tonight, August 20, 2013.

Tomorrow the moon begins waning, showing less of itself. Seventeen days later, we are back to a fully invisible New Moon.

Have you ever seen the crescent moon laying on its side?  I have, once! Awesome!

There's more info about the Crescent and Gibbous phases, but I've probably bored you enough.

To demonstrate the scientific wisdom I shared with you today, I'll show you two moon paintings I recently created.

            Waning Crescent in spray paint with stencils.

            Waxing Crescent in exterior paint with brush.

Happy Belated Birthdays! Patty, Barb, Loretta, Billy, Bobbi

Happy Birthdays! Clayton, Gene, Dawnita, Nancy, Klyee, 

and husband Craig

Happy 53rd Anniversary! Lois and Donn in Montana.
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