Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Color of Yellow

Don't eat the yellow snow!” Good advice for the children. 
I'll add: “Don't make snow balls with yellow snow either.”

From my window, I see the lawn near the waterfall covered with yellow. Not yellow snow, but yellow leaves. The wind is blowing a strong breeze and the leaves are falling fast this Sunday morning. The scene is a must to record with my camera. 

Corylss, does this inspire you to dip your brush in oil?

It's a pleasure to watch nature in action. We cannot see the gentle wind, but we can certainly enjoy watching the leaves race back and forth across the lawn as the wind forces them to drop from the trees.

The autumn season paints many beautiful scenes for us. Take time to sit and enjoy the bright colors. Or better yet, walk through the piles of leaves, kicking them as you did as a child.

"May the Lord richly bless both you and your children.
             "May you be blessed by the Lord, 
               who made heaven and earth." 
                   (with four beautiful seasons)
                                       Psalm 115:14,15

Happy Birthday, Denise !

Happy 46th Anniversary, Janice & Larry !