Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Beware - Artist at Work

My husband left on a four-day fishing trip with our youngest son. The artist in me begged to do something wild in his absence. Our fifty-five-year-old barn had never been painted nor stained, until last week. I always wanted a red barn. The local weatherman predicted one day without rain, so I bought four gallons of red stain and borrowed a tall ladder. I only stained two sides. I'm sure the neighbors don't object to the old weathered look they see.
I was thrilled with the results, but three days passed before husband noticed the barn and only then because he detected an unusual smell in the area—the scent of oil stain. 
His only concern, “How did you reach the peak?” 
Our neighbor who owned the ladder volunteered to stain the loft area. I dared not refuse his offer. He's much younger and more agile than I.

In due time, outside painted surfaces look shabby. Paint peels off in certain sections and years of dust collect on the siding. Spider nests hide in the corners and their drippings run down the wall. Fade happens.
What's an artist to do?
I indulge in lunch at a fabulous antique shop with a dozen best friends. A wooden door leans in the corner looking old and expensive. The price tag shouts $450, without hinges or a doorknob. The design displayed several colors and had the look of a first-grader learning brush strokes.
What's an artist to do? Find an alternative.
You have seen my spray paint art and understand I paint scenery on whatever I find outside: pump house walls, neighbor's barn windows, antique windows from a recycle shop.
That day I refused to resist another temptation to create. Now my back door is quite shabby, not chic.  But the real professionals call the style shabby chic. The redecorating effort didn't cost me a dime except twenty minutes of my time. 

Left-over paint always comes in handy for my projects. My husband approves of my latest project. He suggested I paint a long-stemmed rose in each panel. I haven't decided if I'll keep the new look or paint the door white again.
Help me, Corlyss! I need a lesson on painting roses.


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