Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Welcome Visitor

I looked up from my book at the perfect moment. I gasped as his tail disappeared up the golden cedar tree. I leaned forward in my library chair to see which way he would run. I haven't seen his kind in twenty years. His relatives were plentiful when we had our filbert orchard, but they moved away when we changed the landscape.

Three deer resting on the grassy knoll in the sunshine didn't flinch at his presence, but continued to chew their cud and twitch their ears. They didn't appear to share my morning excitement.

I have learned while reading in the library to keep one eye on nature. I hope and pray this visitor will make its home here with the brown tree squirrels. To me there is nothing more beautiful than a gray squirrel and his long fluffy tail floating behind him as he scampers from tree to tree.

A silver Eurasian collared dove flew by my window as I finished writing about this morning's adventure.

Now back to my inspirational book by Max Lucado.

Happy New Year everyone !

Happy Birthday to: Sue, Jessica, Mo, Shirley, Joann, Jeannine and myself!

Happy Anniversary to Dianne & Gary and Loren & Nancy !