Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Lost Has Been Found

      Tea time! 

      How's this for a view from my window?

       We purchased a family of five little yellow ducks for our koi fish pond. Last summer the count was down to four. I spent many minutes looking for the one lost duck among the vines and lily pads in the not-so-clear water. We didn't “leave the ninety and nine” to look for it, but I did spend some anxious moments. Believe that?

      Just as in the parable of the lost sheep where the owner searched until he found the stray and rejoiced when he did, I'm here to report the fifth plastic ducky has been found – on top of the seven-foot water fall. It did not possess the power to fly up there. I believe it was kidnapped by a hungry vulture. The yellow duck shows signs of claw marks on its tail. Can you imagine the disappointment in the expected fresh meal? Another mystery solved!

      Now, if only we could figure out why the pond goes dry about twice a year and where the water goes. Craig says only God knows the answer to that mystery.

      What's a thinking, planning woman to do when the husband cuts down a dying, ugly tree? Turn the area into a shade garden, of course. What if he cuts down three more trees? She does nothing, he hopes! I demonstrated my creativity once again by developing another pleasant place to lounge and read and listen to the waterfall.
God already enjoyed a head start on the project. In recent years, He planted ten ferns in just the right place among the rocks on the creek bank where tree grew. Interesting how ferns just appear.  I know, weeds do also!  Ferns are blessings and weeds are part of the 'curse'.

Happy Birthday, Marlene !

Love, Juanita

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