Friday, January 7, 2011

Colored Lights

Good evening! Shall we go into the library? The picture above is an actual pen and ink drawing of my library by the famous artist, Roberta Schmidt. I'm blessed that she is my cousin. I'm relaxing in my big red library chair with a cup of Red Rose tea. I just saw the Christmas lights come on in the front yard. Christmas is past, but since I put them up so late this year, I'll keep the lights up for a couple more weeks. In fact, I just decided to keep the clear lights on the rose arbor lit all year. That will make a great entrance to the pond area in the evening, don't you think?

We have many trees, all shapes and sizes, in the front yard; but as they get taller every year, it is harder to decorate them. I can't reach the tops anymore, not even using the rack handle. So they end up looking like a multicolored Christmas bush instead of a Christmas tree.

Automatic timers are a wonderful invention. Now, if the electricians could just discover why one-half of the light strand goes out when there is just one fuse, I would be happy. Maybe they have, but haven't told me. I went against my “natural” instincts and bought one nine-foot and two seven-foot tall artificial Christmas trees for the lawn. They make a fine grouping and they look so pretty as they twinkle in the dark. I ignore the white plastic look in the daytime.

It is almost completely dark now and I can see the lamp post way in the distance. I call it my Narnia lamp post. The three white globes shed light on the big fish pond. I wonder if the koi are aware of the green Christmas lights wound around the post? Probably not, because today when I was visiting the pond, they were quietly hibernating on the bottom. The fish are not hungry now, because as the water temperature gets down to forty-eight degrees, they go into neutral and hardly move.

Walking around the lamp post with the green light string about twenty times can sure make a lady dizzy. I'm a blond too, sort of. Remember being a kid and trying to make yourself dizzy on purpose? We would twirl around and around, then fall down on the lawn and lay there until the sensation went away. Now I get dizzy just looking up while standing on my feet!

I enjoyed your visit! We'll talk again next week.

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